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Cellai Law Turns $20,000 into $175,000

Irrevocable Sale and Recovery Solution

Carlo Cellai, Esq. Represented a Lawyer Against His Client and After Judgment, Sold Her Summer House at Auction.  The Client Was Not Entitled to an Equitable Set Off for Amounts Above the Judgment

Carlo Cellai, Esq. represented a lawyer who obtained a $20,000 judgment against his client.  When the Judgment became final, Carlo Cellai, Esq. levied and sold the lawyer’s client’s interest in a summer home in Scituate, Massachusetts.  When the sale became irrevocable, Carlo Cellai, Esq. on behalf of the attorney filed a Petition to Partition the real estate.  At a trial on the partition action, the Court ruled that when the attorney’s interest in the house vested absolute, he became the owner of all of the client’s right title and interest in the house. Ultimately, the house was sold for $350,000.  The attorney received one half of the proceeds of $175,000 as his former client’s interest in the house.  Carlo Cellai, Esq. turned an approximately $20,000 judgment into a $175,000 recovery.

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Insurance Company Pays Damages

Commercial Building in the Boston Financial District Ruled a Collapse, Insurance Company Must Pay Tenant Losses

Carlo Cellai, Esq. represented a Trust against an insurance company for damages when the insurance company refused to pay damages when the building that the Trust was a tenant in was in a state of collapse.  The insurance company took the position that since the building had not fully fallen to the ground but was only sagging, they did not have to pay the tenant’s damages.  Carlo Cellai, Esq. litigated the case before the Superior Court where the Superior Court ruled that since the building’s sagging appearance was both sudden and visible, the building collapsed and the insurance company is responsible for the Trust’s damages.

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