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Collecting Debts owed to Your Debtor Debts owed to Your Debtor can be Reached in Satisfaction of a Debt - Money Had and Delivered I am frequently asked whether a third party can be sued for a debt or part of a debt when money has been provided to the third party as part of another transaction.  My... Read more

Illegal Kickback Revealed in Government Contract Kick Back in the Procurement of a Government Contract Disallows a Fee Where a demolition subcontractor failed to pay a fee from a person who helped it obtain a subcontract from the general contractor, the suit was disallowed when the subcontractor sued... Read more

Judgement in 20 Year Old Statute Case An Action by a Mother for a Decades Old Child Support Order was not Barred by the Statute of Limitations or Laches Carlo Cellai, Esq. filed an action in 2002 to enforce an approximately twenty two year old child support order. The Defendant-Father-Obligor failed... Read more

Irrevocable Sale and Recovery Solution Carlo Cellai, Esq. Represented a Lawyer Against His Client and After Judgment, Sold Her Summer House at Auction.  The Client Was Not Entitled to an Equitable Set Off for Amounts Above the Judgment Carlo Cellai, Esq. represented a lawyer who obtained a $20,000... Read more

Commercial Building in the Boston Financial District Ruled a Collapse, Insurance Company Must Pay Tenant Losses Carlo Cellai, Esq. represented a Trust against an insurance company for damages when the insurance company refused to pay damages when the building that the Trust was a tenant in was in a state of collapse.  The... Read more

Presenting and Passing Non Sufficient Funds Checks Constitutes Fraud Carlo Cellai, Esq. represented a bank where a bank depositor and former lawyer deposited checks from a different bank into his bank account.  Before the checks had a chance to bounce, the depositor withdrew funds from the empty account, the checks bounced... Read more

Construction Claim Awarded Triple Damages Owner Who Settled With General Contractor’s Subcontractors Directly Violated 93A, The Consumer Protection Statute Carlo Cellai, Esq. tried this construction case to a Judge in the Boston Municipal Court.  In the case, the owner sought to undermine the... Read more

Frequently when your debtor files for bankruptcy, they seek to avoid the Judgement that you have on their house through the Bankruptcy Court procedure because it impairs their homestead exemption. While the homestead exemption in Massachusetts might be very high, in the current real estate market, there is frequently more equity than a... Read more

Cellai Succeeds in Pursuing Assets Cellai Law Offices, P.C. has had great success in pursuing transferors and transferees of assets. Cellai Law Offices, P.C. pursued a father and daughter in a fraudulent conveyance action the father and daughter sought to transfer the house between themselves for the daughter merely paying... Read more

You Get Immediate Action Why Cellai Law Offices, P.C. over a collection agency? Because we are the source that the collection agencies go to when they cannot collect a debt through letters and telephone calls!. When you place a debt with Cellai Law Offices, P.C. you receive immediate action on your placements, including seeking... Read more