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Innovative Boston Debt Collection Lawyers for Commercial Collections, Bankruptcy Litigation, Delinquent Accounts, Domestic and Foreign Judgements

When it’s time to take legal action to settle your client’s commercial debt, call Cellai Law!

Cellai Law Delivers Innovative Litigation for Corporations and Commercial Collection Services

When it’s time to take legal action to settle your client’s commercial debt, call Cellai Law!

Commercial Debt Collection

With over 30 years’ experience, we provide commercial debt collection, collection litigation and commercial collection services to individual clients and large and small corporate clients.

Commercial Collections

Our vast and diverse knowledge of the law, business and the court system allow Cellai Law to efficiently, effectively and aggressively recover your monies.

Boston Debt Collection Attorney

Cellai Law accesses its professional resources and search methods to locate assets, relationships and very often, hidden assets.

Creditors in Bankruptcy

We serve both secured and unsecured client creditors with a range of bankruptcy-related legal services, including complaints to determine dischargeability of debts, debtor examinations and Motions for Relief from the Bankruptcy Stay.

Breach of Contract

Our attorneys plan and prepare all proceedings in a manner that gives your matter the greatest chance of being collected. Our aggressive and creative strategies have led to years of successful litigation.

Business and Real Estate

The attorneys at Cellai Law are Boston’s trusted providers of legal services relating to collection of brokerage commissions, breach of leases and construction disputes.

Welcome to Cellai Law

Led by Carlo Cellai, Esq., Cellai Law is home to lawyers with extensive experience and unmatched success rates in various types of collection and business litigation. Our work includes business-to-business litigation, commercial and individual debt collection, contract enforcement, and bankruptcy litigation. Cellai Law represents individuals and small businesses as well as large corporations. Current clients range from limited liability corporations, big corporations, and multi-national corporations. Our staff have successfully pursued, resolved, and litigated cases on behalf of Massachusetts-based, national, and international companies and individuals as well as and other foreign and domestic clients. From commercial debt collection and litigation to contract and real estate claims, Cellai Law utilizes diverse and client-specific strategies and tactics, including bank account attachments, real estate attachments, reaching an applying assets, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation. Cellai Law ensures that clients’ business agreements are upheld to our clients’ advantage, and that debtor payments are facilitated on time and in full. Our intimate knowledge of substantive law and statutes concerning the rights of creditors in bankruptcy affords the clients of Cellai Law the industry’s most successful debt collection results. Our attorneys know the rules and procedures for presenting evidence in the most effective and efficient manner possible to maximize your results. Our process takes start-to-finish action to deliver Boston’s most comprehensive debt collection services, including bank account attachments, real estate attachments, reaching and applying assets, levies and sale of real estate, execution of judgments and garnishment of wages.

Innovative Boston Debt Collection Lawyers

Cellai Law is a fully staffed law firm of attorneys and paralegals who have extensive knowledge and experience, including practical experience which has led to an exceptional success rate in business-to-business collection matters and disputes as well as general debt collection recoveries. We work with individuals, small businesses, and large corporations to recover the money that you are rightfully owed. We use all of the tools at our disposal both in the court system and outside of the court system. We search for individuals’ and corporations’ assets prior to beginning every case so that we know how to maximize our leverage over the debtor in order to maximize your recovery. Our debt collection strategies, efforts and techniques can be as varied as the ability of the debtors’ techniques that are used to hide assets. We take varied approaches to your debt collection matters depending upon your industry and the facts and circumstances of each case. Some debt collection matters require a straightforward approach, some require creativity and others require am aggressive, forceful, and straightforward approach. We analyze the facts and circumstances of each case and work with the client to formulate the most effective strategies for the most effective collection techniques necessary to maximize your results and return. Cellai Law is an aggressive and innovative Boston based law firm that has been nationally recognized for its commercial collections law, contract litigation and bankruptcy practice. Since it was founded in 1992, the firm has sought to give the highest quality service and individualized attention to each client.

Commercial Debt Collection

Cellai Law is a law firm with over thirty years’ experience in commercial debt collection. Cellai Law’s aggressive debt collection strategies are designed to leverage the facts and circumstances of each case in order to maximize your recovery in a minimum amount of time. While each debtor avoids their debt payment responsibilities in slightly different manner, Cellai Law has debt collection tools to maximize the chances of a maximum recovery. The nature of the debts placed with Cellai Law has been as wide and varied as the strategies employed to collect them. Cellai Law has successfully recovered monies on out of state Judgments, international Judgments, accounts receivables, construction contracts, promissory notes, and many other forms of debts. Cellai Law aggressively utilizes all of the rights and remedies that the Court system has available in order for each creditor client to quickly, effectively and aggressively pursue and collect your debt. The flexibility that the Court system allows accords Cellai Law he flexibility to employ different types of collection techniques necessary to collect your debt. Some of the more effective techniques are bank account liens/garnishments, real estate liens, mechanics liens, wage garnishments and collection of the monies owed to your debtors by third parties.

Breach of Contract

Cellai Law is a law firm with over thirty years’ experience prosecuting and defending breach of contract actions. Our experience in being on both sides of breach of contract cases gives us unique insight into the effective prosecution and defense of breach of contract actions. Cellai Law has litigated breach of contract actions in many forums and for many different types of claims in the federal courts, state courts, arbitral tribunals and reference Proceedings. We have litigated in State District Court, State Superior Court, Federal District Court in Massachusetts, Federal District Court in New York, Federal Court of Claims and Bankruptcy Court. Cellai Law has litigated a significant number of cases in its thirty-year history, including goods sold and delivered, breach of consulting agreement, fees for independent contractors and complex construction matters. Cellai Law experience in trying cases has included jury trials, trials before a judge, arbitral tribunals, referees, and magistrates. Whether you are a multinational corporation, small business or individual, you and your matters will receive individualized attention, practical advice, creative solutions, and excellent personal service. Contact us today for a consultation.

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