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Why Use a Collection Lawyer over a Collection Agency?

You Get Immediate Action

Why Cellai Law Offices, P.C. over a collection agency? Because we are the source that the collection agencies go to when they cannot collect a debt through letters and telephone calls!. When you place a debt with Cellai Law Offices, P.C. you receive immediate action on your placements, including seeking bank account attachments and real estate liens.

When you hire a collection agency, they can only send letters and make telephone calls to your account debtor. Ultimately, a collection agency will need to turn the matter over to a lawyer to sue.

By the time a collection agency turns the matter over to a lawyer to sue, the assets, bank account and real estate are usually long gone. Placing your commercial collection matters with Cellai Law Offices, P.C. creates a no lag policy to any available assets of the debtor and insures immediate action on your debt