Breach of Contract

Collection of Judgments, Goods and Agreements

Cellai Law is a knowledgeable contracts law firm that has successfully represented clients in the prosecution of their contractual rights, including enforcing simple contracts, promissory notes, loan agreements, employment separation agreements, distribution agreements, construction disputes, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements, consulting contracts and many other contracts. Although defense of breach of contract is a smaller part of our practice, we have defended a significant number of breach of contract actions. Being on both sides of the types of cases which we prosecute has given us a unique perspective on how to better prosecute the case as the plaintiff.

Commercial disputes in contract actions have been a mainstay of Cellai Law and Carlo Cellai, Esq. since the firm’s inception. Given the many years of experience with breach of contract matters, Cellai Law knows and understands how to prosecute and defend clients’ claims. Creditors are recompensed quickly, efficiently and aggressively. We have represented clients from the collection of judgments, simple goods sold and delivered, construction bonds, and more complex licensing and distribution agreements.

Cellai Law has an extensive network of attorneys around the United States to help you recovery the money that is rightfully owed to you.

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