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Cellai Law has participated successfully in a large number of Massachusetts real estate transactions. Our firm represents clients as both the buyers and the sellers and lessors and lessees of real estate. We also negotiate partition and land disputes and other general real estate matters.

Cellai Law represents clients in distressed real estate issues. We have successfully negotiated foreclosures by secured creditors, workouts, and forebearances. We have represented both lender and borrower in these transactions and have worked through most cases to a successful resolution.

Cellai Law also provides counsel to clients in a wide range of real estate issues. We have successfully litigated real estate issues in the Land Court, Superior Court and Probate Court. We have represented clients in partition actions, fixture and appurtenance law, mechanics liens, real estate liens and general real estate matters. We have alos levied, sold, and partitional real estate based upon judgments rendered.

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