Cellai Law is an aggressive collections law firm. Collections of monies on behalf of creditors has been a mainstay of Cellai Law and Carlo Cellai, Esq. since the firm’s inception over thirty years ago. Given the many years of experience with these matters, Cellai Law knows and understands how to maximize the use of the court system in order to give you the best chance to recover your money quickly, efficiently and aggressively.

We have represented clients from the collection of Judgments, simple goods sold and delivered, promissory notes, commercial loans, private loans, consulting fees and suits on construction bonds, to complex distribution and licensing agreements. In many instances we can secure the attorney fees and costs you incur to collect your money.

Cellai Law has many tools at its disposal to collect your money. We regularly seek bank account attachments and levies, seizure and sale of personal property, seizure and sale of vehicles, seizure of real estate, sale of real estate and many other remedies.

In certain circumstances the Sheriff is used to run the cash register of debtors. We regularly seek and execute on arrest warrants as well as helping clients obtain a criminal complaint when the need requires.

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