Attachments & How They Help You

Cellai Law Offices, P.C.’s Experts Explain Attachments and How Attachments They Help You In Commercial Debt Collection

An attachment, in the legal context, refers to a court-issued order that allows a creditor to lien or seize and secure a debtor’s assets as a form of security before obtaining a judgment. As a category, prejudgment attachments play a crucial role in debt collection strategies, providing creditors with a means to prevent debtors from dissipating their assets during the legal process. These attachments serve as a proactive measure to ensure that, upon winning a judgment, there are tangible assets available for recovery.

How Various Attachments Help You?

Various factual patters warrant the use of different types of attachments in debt collections processes. For instance, a bank attachment can be employed to freeze a debtor’s non-exempt funds in their bank account, providing immediate liquid security. Real estate attachments are effective when targeting a debtor’s property, and personal property attachments create liens on a company’s assets. Rule 65 injunctions, reach and apply injunctions, and keeper attachments are additional tools used strategically based on the unique circumstances of each debt collection case.

Imagine a circumstance wherein a creditor has successfully obtained a judgment against an individual who owes a significant debt and whose absence of payment has impacted the creditor’s ability to do business. When the debtor is employed, the creditor can file for wage attachment or garnishment, which results in a specific percentage of the debtor’s pay being remitted to the creditor. This form of attachment ensures a steady stream of payments to the creditor of his or her monies owed. The experienced attorneys at Cellai Law Offices, P.C. assess the specific requirements of each situation, employing the most effective attachments to maximize the likelihood of successful debt recovery.

Bank Attachments: The Power of Ex Parte Prejudgment Attachments and How They Help You

One notable benefit of using prejudgment attachments, particularly ex parte bank attachments, is the ability to secure assets without providing prior notice to the debtor. The experienced attorneys at Cellai Law Offices, P.C. leverage this powerful tool to prevent debtors from hiding or liquidating assets before court-ordered attachments take effect. Recognizing the importance of timing in preserving assets, our attorneys strategically use ex parte bank attachments to ensure a swift and effective means of securing payment sources for our clients upon winning judgment cases. Call Cellai Law Offices, P.C. today at 617-367-2199 to discover the optimal attachment type for your debt collections case. Don’t wait to recover the monies you deserve.