Ex Parte Bank Attachments

Ex Parte Bank Attachments: Understanding the Immediate Impact

If you are looking for a direct line to immediate recovery of debt when the case is won, then an ex-parte (without notice) bank attachment is the best option for you. An ex parte bank attachment, in other words freezing a debtor’s bank account without the debtor’s knowledge or consent, offers security for payment after winning of your case. The experienced Massachusetts debt collection attorneys at Cellai Law Offices, P.C. understand how to strategically employ bank attachments to prompt settlement discussions, even if funds are not immediately caught. This strategy is among the most effective tools for recovering our clients’ funds swiftly. This powerful tool is utilized in both prejudgment debt collection attachments and post-judgment debt collection, offering a multifaceted direct approach to debt recovery. Call Cellai Law Offices, P.C. or email to discuss solutions.

Circumstances Where Ex Parte Bank Attachments Are Appropriate

An ex parte bank attachment, which is technically termed a trustee attachment, is suitable when targeting funds or assets held by a third party (such as a bank) for the debtor’s benefit. While bank attachments are the most common form of the trustee attachments, trustee attachments do extend beyond bank accounts. The strategic retention and use of copies of checks from customers debtors aids in identifying the debtor’s last known bank. Our attorneys next file complaints, motions for a bank attachment, and seek to secure the monies in any account. This is an especially strategic and tactical application of the powerful ex party tool that is often utilized by the team at Cellai Law Offices, P.C. Our attorneys bring decades of experience to the ex parte bank attachment landscape, which allows us to employ this strategy effectively and professionally on behalf of our valued clients.

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