Commercial Debt Collection

Cellai Law’s attorneys have extensive experience – and an exceptional success rate – in business-to-business disputes, commercial debt collection and litigation matters. We work with individuals, small businesses and large corporations, both national and international, to recover the money that you are owed.
Our attorneys specialize in the collection of delinquent accounts, debts, domestic judgments, foreign judgments, and the enforcement of arbitral and adjudicatory decisions. Some of the services we provide include: real estate liens and levies, bank account attachments, real estate Sheriff’s sale, personal property liens, attachments and seizures, vehicle seizures, arrest warrants, mechanics liens, writ of attachments, seizures, foreclosures, assets searches, bank account attachments and helping clients with criminal complaints, when appropriate.

Bank Account Seizures or Attachments

Liening, attaching and freezing bank accounts and other assets for debt collection matters before and after a judgment are some of the most effective and efficient way to get your debt collected. We apply these remedies in every appropriate circumstance both when the case is entered in court and after judgment enters in order to maximize your recovery rate.

Real Estate Lien or Attachment

Liening or attaching real estate for debt collection matters before and after judgment enters is the next best way to ensure that the judgment that enters in your favor on a debt collection matter will be satisfied at the end of the litigation. The Debtor will not be able to transfer clear title or further encumber the real estate in a way that would give them priority over your lien without either dealing with you first or giving someone bad title. Place your matter with us and see what happens!

Reach and Apply

Reaching a debtor’s interest in payments owed to them and applying it in partial or total satisfaction of your debt is another way that Cellai Law collects your debt in debt collection matters. Debtors who try to keep their assets cloaked in trusts, in the hands of third parties or beyond the reach of traditional court remedies will have a rude wakening when we seek to reach and apply a debtor’s assets that are being hidden by such tactics.

Vehicle and Property Seizures

Seizing vehicles from debtors is a very effective way to leverage payment. When the sheriff shows up to seize a vehicle, the calls to resolve the debt collection matter are almost always instantaneous. We have seized many types of vehicles in debt collection matters from tractors, tractor trailers, cars, Humvees, Bobcats and various other vehicles.

Wage Attachments

For the hardcore debtor in your debt collection matter that has no real estate and no personal property to seize for the immediate satisfaction in your debt, we utilize the remedy of wage attachments also known as wage garnishments. We seek wage attachments in every appropriate case and seek orders which allow the payment to be made every pay period without having to go back to Court for permission. Our wage attachments are fast and effective.

Mechanics Liens

When a contractor is not paid for their valuable services and wages on a construction project, we utilize mechanics liens to leverage and recover your money. Mechanics liens for construction work and wages can be an effective way to lien a parcel of real estate without first going to the Court. We pursue your mechanics liens until they achieve the desired result.

Bankruptcy Proceedings to Exempt Certain Debts from Discharge in Bankruptcy

For the debtor that has defrauded you or intentionally harmed you, there is no hiding from payment of the debt in the Bankruptcy Court. We represent creditors in bankruptcy who have been defrauded, every day, in order to prevent their debt from being discharged in a debtor’s bankruptcy. If your debt collection matter falls into one or more of the recognized exceptions to discharge, we will aggressively pursue your debt for nondischargeability.

Our Geographic Reach

Although we are based in Boston, our clients include creditors from all over the United States and the world. With offices in Boston MA and Braintree MA, our reach is all over the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, including Wakefield MA, Wellesley MA, Cambridge MA, Lexington MA, Lynnfield MA, Woburn MA, Weston MA and beyond. Just because your debtor might be in another jurisdiction does not mean we give up. We can pursue them directly from Massachusetts using the tools at our disposal such as bank account and reach and apply attachments, or work with outside lawyers to collect your debts in other jurisdictions.

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