Contracts With Direct Owners

Contracts With Direct Owners: Essential Steps

When you have a written contract directly with the owner of the property or business (“contracts with direct owners”), adhering to specific steps is crucial to ensure that the terms of the contract are carried out by both parties. First, it is imperative to promptly record your Notice of Contract at the appropriate Registry of Deeds after both parties sign the written contract, irrespective of whether the work concludes before or after the specified completion date. Additionally, recording your Statement of Account at the Registry is a necessary step. Ensuring timely compliance with these requirements strengthens your position and protects your interests when contracting with direct property owners. Cellai Law Offices, P.C. specializes in aiding clients in drafting, recording, and enforcing contracts with direct owners.

The Significance of Mechanic’s Liens in Direct Owner Contracts

Contracting directly with owners of properties or businesses emphasizes the importance of mechanic’s liens in securing payment for construction work. Mechanic’s liens serve as a powerful tool, allowing contractors to place a claim against the improved property when faced with non-payment. In the context of direct contracts with owners, properly utilizing mechanic’s liens provides a legal avenue to ensure that contractors and suppliers receive the compensation they deserve. Understanding the significance of these liens becomes paramount in navigating the intricacies of construction projects and safeguarding financial interests. Cellai Law Offices, P.C. is Massachusetts’ expert in facilitating contracts with direct owners on behalf of their clients. Call 617-367-2199 or email

Successful Utilization of a Mechanic’s Lien When Contracting Directly With Owner, Breach Example

Imagine a situation where a contractor, having a direct contract with the owner of a property, completes substantial renovations as per the agreed-upon terms. The owner, however, breaches the contract by failing to make the agreed payments. In such a situation, the contractor, equipped with a properly recorded mechanic’s lien, has a legal remedy. By leveraging the mechanic’s lien, the contractor can place a claim on the property, compelling the owner to address the outstanding payment. This successful utilization of a mechanic’s lien highlights its effectiveness in recovering monies owed due to a breached contract with a direct property owner. Call 617-367-2199 or email to discuss your contract with a direct owner today.

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