Creditors in Bankruptcy

The attorneys at Cellai Law maintain a current and thorough knowledge of the United States Bankruptcy Code related to the non dischargeability of your case. Bankruptcy law is a federal body of law that governs the rights of debtors and creditors when an individual or an entity files for bankruptcy protection in the United States Bankruptcy Courts.

Our attorneys are deeply familiar with the rights of secured and unsecured creditors.

Our cases include representing creditors in both corporate bankruptcy and personal or individual bankruptcy, including Chapter 11 (reorganization), Small Business Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 (personal reorganization) and Chapter 7 (liquidation).

Cellai Law helps creditors and other interested parties to seek relief from the automatic stay of bankruptcy in order to continue to pursue their state and federal court litigation, as well as arbitral proceedings. Our attorneys are adept in preparing, filing, and accelerating the submission of the documents necessary to seek relief from stay.

Case Example of ‘Nondischargeability’: Creditors in Bankruptcy

United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Massachusetts, Casella Waste Management of Massachusetts v. Philip Romano, 385 B.R. 12 (Bankr. Mass. 2008). Bankruptcy debtor sold his company, including the accounts receivable. When the buyer went to collect the accounts receivables, they had already been collected by the seller company. The owner of the seller company filed bankruptcy. Cellai Law successfully pursued the owner of the debtor company through bankruptcy to recover on the fraud that was perpetrated on the creditor. A Judgment of Nondischargeability for the full amount entered against the owner of the seller corporation

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