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Debt collections agencies employ various methods to identify and pursue delinquent accounts. Each attorney at Cellai Law Offices is trained in various methods of debt collections, including gather exhaustive account information related to delinquent accounts. Such information includes names and aliases, contact information, account history, and balance details. Next, the attorneys at Cellai Law Offices initiate contact with debtors through various means, include phone calls, letters, emails, and even text messaging. Our attorneys use these points of contact to gather any addition information possible pertaining to the debtors, including physical location and circumstances. We have historically been able to locate Boston-based debtors in various locations nationwide. Additionally, Cellai Law Offices subscribes to special databases and knows how to access extensive public records. Once establishing contact with debtors, our attorneys negotiate payment plans and settlement terms in order to maximize results for our Boston clients.

Debt Collections in Boston, MA in the Hands of Capable Attorneys

Boston businesses know that reaching clients is only half of the battle when it comes to debt collection. The attorneys at Cellai Law Offices don’t stop at negotiations with clients; instead, our team of lawyers, as authorized representatives of our clients, takes action to report delinquent debt to reporting agencies, which consistently offers higher and faster payment of our clients’ accounts receivable. When attempts at negotiation fail, the attorneys at Cellai Law Offices take legal action to file lawsuits, obtain judgments, or pursue legal remedies available in our clients’ jurisdiction. Moreover our Boston attorneys are careful to comply with applicable laws and regulations surrounding debt collections practices, which ensures that consumers’ rights are protected, and our Boston clients are not exposed to any liability.

Boston Attorneys at Cellai Law Offices Have Experience in All Types of Debt Collections

Boston’s own Cellai Law Offices is home to attorneys with experience in pursuing accounts related to consumer debt, including the debt that results from personal loans, medical bills, and unpaid credit cards. Additionally, our attorneys have worked on behalf of financial institutions, such as banks and credits unions, to engage in debt collections efforts related to overdue loans, credit card debt, and mortgage payments. Our attorneys also have experience pursuing debt from specialized cases, such as medical, telecommunications, and education-related debt. Individual clients, financial institutions, and medical facilities in Boston and beyond have relied on the attorneys at Cellai Law Offices for their most high-states and complex debt collections cases.

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