A client came to Cellai Law Offices, P.C. and told our debt collection attorneys that they had settled a dispute with an insurance company by signing a release in favor of the insurance company under the verbal understanding that the settlement paid by the insurer would be applied to the wage payment that the company owed to its workers for work performed by the company’s employees and that the issue of what the insurer owed to the company would remain an open issue.  When the insurer changed attorneys, the new attorneys took the position that it knew nothing about the verbal aspect of the resolution and relied on the general release language of the agreement to claim that the insurer owed no further money. 
Cellai Law Offices, P.C. took the difficult road to follow and argued to a jury that the client was misled by the insurer and there was more monies due for the work performed by the contractor. The jury agreed with Cellai Law Offices attorneys, overturned the general release and ordered the insurance company to pay the contractor’s company substantially everything that it was due.


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