Cellai Law Offices, P.C. is frequently asked whether it is worth pursuing a claim for outstanding accounts receivables when the person and/or entity that owes a debt owns another company that actually holds title to real estate or some other valuable asset.

The answer is typically yes. Although Judges have split slightly on the issue, if the connection can clearly be made that the person or entity owns another entity that holds title to real estate (or some other asset), courts have been fairly receptive to liening the real estate or asset.   The connection between the debtor and the entity that owns the real estate can typically be made by requiring the debtor to produce tax returns which show some circumstantial evidence of ownership.

Alternatively, although it’s not the strongest case, sometimes the connection between the debtor and the entity that holds the asset can be made by testimony of witnesses who would be in a position to know.


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Carlo Cellai, Esq.