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Every contract is unique, and, while most contracts include provisions for breaches, occasionally situations arise in which a dispute can only be resolved by litigation and Commercial Debt Collection Boston MA experts. Cellai Law provides turnkey legal services from the beginning of your case through final determination. Our services range from private arbitration to litigation through trial and collection. Our clients are wide and varied and range from financial institutions, lumber yards, material suppliers, nursing homes, real estate brokerages, construction companies, wholesale food vendors, consulting companies, software companies to high tech companies. Cellai Law has highly skilled and trained attorneys with decades of Commercial Debt Collection Boston MA experience successfully litigating on behalf of its clients from as local as Boston based clients, to countrywide clients to international clients. If you are a large business, small business or an individual which is in need of Commercial Debt Collection Boston services, actions for breach of contract, delinquencies in payment, or are owed monies for whatever reason, Cellai Law will immediately put its aggressive lawyers and proven tactics to work for you. With offices in both Boston and Braintree, our attorneys aim to deliver first-class and individualized representation to each Commercial Debt Collection Boston MA area client.

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Cellai Law is proud to offer its clients a wide range of legal services and remedies in a single firm, Specializing in Commercial Debt Collection Boston MA. Since 1992, the attorneys at Cellai Law have served the Greater Boston Area’s need for commercial debt collections, breach of contract and litigation with its knowledgeable and aggressive attorneys. In addition to providing our clients with a diverse set of legal tactics and remedies to give the highest chance for recovery with a highest success rate. Cellai Law delivers unique strategies for fast and efficient recoveries which has led to significant client satisfaction. A breach, formally defined as “an unjustified failure to fulfill the terms of a contract,” is essentially a broken promise. This relatively simple definition for a breach of contract can manifest itself in a variety of contexts and ways, including verbal contracts, written contracts which are not the complete understanding of the parties as well as written and fully integrated contracts. Cellai Law represents clients in the courts of Boston who have found themselves in the unenviable position of being owed significant sums for breach of contract. The attorneys at Cellai Law are highly trained and experienced in a diverse range of breach litigation processes and tactics and Commercial Debt Collection Boston MA, including failure to pay or perform as well as anticipatory, minor, and material breaches of contract. For the best and most customized litigation strategies, Boston clients trust Cellai Law for all their Commercial Debt Collection Boston MA needs.

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