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Breaches of contract are among the most common types of corporate disputes in Commercial Debt Collection Waltham MA cases. Parties may disagree regarding the existence, extent, or whether the breach of a given agreement is material. Contracts may be, but are not always, written. Cellai Law employs robust, aggressive and research-based tactics to develop and win cases for its Waltham clients. Current breach of contract clients include financial institutions, educational institutions, materials suppliers, other corporate vendors. Cellai Law also represents small businesses, including other attorneys, small businesses, large corporations and individuals in their fight for their money in court during Commercial Debt Collection cases in Waltham MA. Our clients moreover represent various industries, including financial institutions, real estate brokers, contractors and subcontractors, realtors, lessors, and lessees. Whether a contract breach takes the form of a formal document, letter, or verbal agreement, Cellai Law will fight to achieve favorable results for all Waltham clients. No one deserves to suffer from a broken promise, so we will not turn down your Commercial Debt Collection Waltham MA case. Call today for a free consultation.

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Cellai Law has earned a reputation among Waltham clients for their aggressive and tenacious advocacy for their clients in commercial debt collection cases in Waltham. Our legal process starts by evaluating a case by reading emails, interviewing witnesses, and discussion with clients, our attorneys dig into the details of each case. If you suspect that you’ve been victimized by a debtor, or other service provider, vendor, or customer, Cellai Law will advocate for you and fight for your rights in your Commercial Debt Collection case in Waltham MA. The lawyers at Cellai Law know the evolving corpus of Massachusetts law, including the specific statutes in the various fields of construction, real estate, and commercial debt collections. Even in the case of bankruptcy collections, Cellai Law has demonstrated success in recovering delinquent funds for Waltham clients. Cellai Law will vigorously pursue your interests and deliver the results you deserve from your Commercial Debt Collection Waltham MA case, and get you your money.

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