Inevitably in business, you will cross paths with a customer who does not or will not pay their bill on time. This is when you need professional debt collection advise and reach out to Cellai Law Offices, the experienced debt collection attorneys.

Cellai Law is MUCH MORE than a Debt Collection Company:

Collection agencies almost always use the same strategies to collect debts owed, such as making phone calls and sending late payment notices in the mail.

Many times these debt collection agencies will cross into harassment of debtors, and take steps that are not effective in collection debts owed.

Cellai Law attorneys do not take these ineffective steps, we file a lawsuit on behalf of your business. Collection agencies cannot file a lawsuit and when they cannot collect, they inevitably call a debt collection lawyer to collect the debt. Cut out the middle man and simply call Cellai Law to get the results you want and collect the money you are owed.

The lawyers at Cellai Law don’t make phone calls or send letters, they file suit and take the steps to get you paid the money you are owed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Aspects of the filed suit include pursuing a mechanic’s lien, seeking judges attachments, pursuing post-judgement collection and much more,

The experienced debt collection attorneys at Cellai Law work to get you the money you are owed.

While pursuing breach of contract and collection cases on behalf of our clients, our attorneys are experienced in strategizing and assembling the requisite paperwork in the most effective way possible. Using any combination of individualized strategies, Cellai Law attorneys routinely maximize and expedite the recovery of owed funds.

Specific sample services rendered include: real estate liens and levies, bank account attachments, real estate Sheriff’s sale, personal property liens, attachments and seizures, vehicle seizures, arrest warrants, mechanics liens, writ of attachments, seizures, foreclosures, assets searches, bank account attachments and helping clients with criminal complaints, when appropriate.

With law offices in Boston MA and Braintree MA, our reach is across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as well as across the United States. Our service area, inside Massachusetts, includes Wakefield, Wellesley, Cambridge, Lexington, Lynnfield, Woburn, Weston, and surrounding areas.

Whether your debtor is within Massachusetts or in another jurisdiction, Cellai Law Office has the tools and experience to collect your debts and money owed to you from any client anywhere.

Call Cellai Law today to collect the money you and your business are owed.

Carlo Cellai, Esq.